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Ketch Publishing

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Allen Ketchersid





We are a small publishing company, offering high quality, low-cost publishing services to authors. 

We provide competent, personal service to authors wanting to self-publish their work.

Located in Bloomington, Indiana, we also offer freelance graphic design, manuscript preparation, and web site hosting and web design for a number of published authors, churches, small businesses, and book publishing companies.  We publish book projects for Christian authors and teachers at very economical publishing services.

Allen Ketchersid has degrees from Indiana University in Religious Studies and Jewish Studies.  He has been in Christian ministry for 27 years, serving three churches over the course of his ministry.  He is now in his 17th year of service with the Unionville Church of Christ near Bloomington. 





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Why Choose Ketch Publishing?

 1.   You will get a better cover
 design than most mass-market
 publishers will give you in an
 economical publishing package.


 2.   You can purchase books
for  your own marketing very economically with only a modest
fee for the publishing.


 3.   You will get more than
your money's worth. 
You will not be disappointed in
the project.



Ketch Publishing            4675 N. Benton Dr.   Bloomington, IN  47408                 877-268-4010              allen@ketchpublishing.com