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Open Our Eyes, Lord

100 devotionals from the pen of:

G. B. Shelburne III




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(by David Langford, Ph.D.)

   Reading again through these nuggets of wisdom written by B. Shelburne brings back for me memories of a very special time in my life when
    I was blessed to work alongside him at the Bible Institute in Houston (it was called the Bible Training Work back then.)  Then it was my
    privilege to hear such practical wisdom and keen Bible insight on a daily basis, from his Bible lectures each night and from countless
   conversations in the halls, driving together to preaching appointments or while enjoying the legendary hospitality of the Shelburne home. 

It was a pivotal time in my spiritual life as I struggled with many questions and doubts about faith.  I found Bs counsel and example to be a reliable guidepost. Whenever I had a question or problem that perplexed me, I knew Bs input would be trustworthy, informed not only by his extensive knowledge of the Scriptures but even more by his personal walk with God.  Over the years I have found myself modeling my own pastoral ministry after Bs example.  As well as any man Ive known, Bs teaching and life embodies the challenge to speak the truth in love.  He is himself an example of the scripture he quotes in one of his nuggets, Love and righteousness meet together; righteousness and peace kiss each other. 

So I heartily recommend that you read these devotional nuggets, drawn from the extensive experience of Bs life as a seasoned missionary, a veteran minister and Bible teacher, an elder and church leader as well as his personal and family life.  I am confident that your eyes will indeed be opened and you too will find, as have so many others, that Bs counsel is reliable guidance, spiritual direction you can trust.  


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