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Books by David Langford

The Influential Christ

Why was Jesus so influential?

David Langford



 A Troubled Faith
For A Troubled World

David Langford



David Langford,  Ph. D.

David Langford serves as minister and elder with the Quaker Avenue Church of Christ in Lubbock, Texas. He has received the Master’s degree in Communication and the Ph.D. In Marriage and Family Therapy from Texas Tech University in Lubbock.


The Divine Dilemma

and Other Reflections on the Cross


   -Read the Foreword by Edward Fudge-

Like a skilled jeweler, Dave picks up the cross of Jesus and turns it gently under the light to reveal its many beautiful and painfully sharp colors. As he dwells intently over each facet, he finds no flaw in the gem but helps us see how the gem reveals our own, for our good. At a time when so much Christian writing tells the world's most blessed how to find even more selfish blessings, Dave preaches Christ and him crucified. He moves with equal facility between deep theological reflection to practical application without ever making the reader struggle to understand the most profound truths of the Christian faith. Dave also helps the reader see the cross from more than the pervasive legal/courtroom perspective which seems to smother all other facets of the cross today. The chapter on the impact of the cross on women alone is worth the price of the book. I can just imagine the rich conversations and prayers which will follow the study of this book in small groups and private studies for years to come. David has given us all a great gift and one that helps us be more like the savior who triumphed in his death.

Dan Bouchelle



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Also by David Langford:

A Curse, A Cradle and A Cross

Reflections on the Christmas Story



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“Dave Langford takes the stories that we have heard over and over again and makes them fresh.  This book is well written and has great insights.  He captures the sentimental feeling that I want to experience at Christmas and couples it with great Biblical teaching.”

- Milton Jones
Northwest Church, Seattle, Washington



 Tell Me My Story  


Families learn together from 48 key stories of the Old and New Testaments. 

TMMS  Manual

$15.00 (tax included)

Tell Me My Story
Complete set

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Personal Journal

$12.00 (tax included)

Card Set

$7.50 (tax included)

Sanctifying the Season
4-Lesson Study Series

David Langford, Ph. D.



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