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Why Is No One Following Me?

Techniques taught by
executive leadership coaches
to muscle-up your leadership

James Johnson
Matt Rush
Angela Johnson


Why Is No One Following Me? is both practical and highly informative. It effectively points the way toward top notch leadership skills by highlighting the importance of good interpersonal relationships to the process. The book reminds us that good leaders are also good communicators. I highly recommend Why Is No One Following Me? as a great source for step by step instructions on personal achievement.

Joe Manchin III
Governor of West Virginia

We all want to find that leader -- that mover and motivator of people -- that lies deep within. Why Is No One Following Me? is an excellent roadmap for unlocking the skills which can help us raise our game at work, at home and everywhere in between. Mom always taught me to write ‘Thank You’ notes; this book offers the reminder that keeping up that practice pays off. How do you kick the habit of answering with a ‘no’ when a more positive response will get you so much farther? How can you build a legacy of leadership powerful enough to change lives even after you’re gone? Start reading.

Grant Rampy
Tribune Broadcasting National Correspondent
Washington DC

This is a collection of proven strategies, methods, and skills that will make good leaders outstanding leaders! The book is easy to read but powerful when practiced.

Deidra Langstaff
CEO, Langstaff Marketing


For the past 10 years, the  Ethos Leadership Group has been growing and refining these exercises.

This book is not an aspirin that will simply make you feel better for a little while and then let you slip right back to where you were. If you will take these exercises one at a time, put the principles into use, and fill out the action plan at the end of each chapter, you will change your life.

After you have worked on yourself, use these exercises to facilitate others or do them together with your core group of friends.



*This book is currently being used as a reading resource
   in business classes at Ohio Valley University.


Table of Contents


Chapter 1
Identifying the Attributes of Your Best Leadership

Chapter 2
How Not To Say, “No!”

Chapter 3
Strengthening the Foundation

Chapter 4
Good  -  Great  -  Comfort  -  Confidence

Chapter 5
There You Are!

Chapter 6
It Is Not About Unity

Chapter 7
More Brash Humility

Chapter 8
Motivation and Affirmation

Chapter 9
How a Leader Gives Criticism

Appendix A:  Leaders on Leadership

Appendix B:  Crab Cakes and Coaches
How to Select the Best Executive Coaching Firm

Appendix C:  Employee Data Form


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